Data Illuminating Talent

Reduce bias. Forecast performance. Retain excellence.

Yearning to remove unconscious bias from the hiring process?

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Striving to reduce turnover given its impact on costs and culture?

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Seeking a job at a place where you can thrive?

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Discover the best hires

They may not be who you think they are.

Selecting for Outcomes

Using big data and predictive analytics, Arena identifies the candidates who will best impact your organization and are most likely to thrive in a specific role, department, and location.

Machine Learning about You

As our platform gathers more data from your organization, it becomes more accurate and improves your specific outcomes while you sleep.

Arena aligns applicants to the outcomes that matter within the realities of your organization

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The only true AI app in HRTech

Not a mere matching app of job description and resume words

Not a match of game-play behaviors between employer-selected long-time employees and applicants

Not a time-consuming test that compares applicants to an ideal and theoretical set of qualifications

Data + Artificial Intelligence = Results-Driven Predictions

Data from applicants, external sources, and your organization

Machine learning continually analyzes data and recognizes patterns

Predictions for retention, engagement, and other selected outcomes

Improving outcomes across the country

Hospitals, Senior Living Providers, and Hospitality businesses leverage Arena Analytics at over 1,200 sites.
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Removing Bias from the Hiring Process

Algorithms must be constantly evaluated

We leverage bias-fighting algorithms that measure and mitigate bias.

Existing employer bias must be minimized

We incorporate performance data from recent hires rather than any potentially-biased, employer-selected, favorite long-term employee data.

Technology does not replace Humanity

We regularly discuss what our data scientists are seeing and any troubling trends with recruiters and hiring managers. Our customers are our partners in removing bias.