How Sunrise Reduced Wasteful Labor Costs Through New Initiatives in Hiring and Retention: Webinar

arena president myra norton and sunrise chro mike rodis

As our industry struggles with an unprecedented increase in essential expenses — wages, benefits, facility updates, resident services — we can no longer accept the status quo on wasteful expenses. The costs incurred from new hire turnover are both obvious and insidious. When we hire multiple times within one year for the same position, we waste money on contract labor, overtime, and multiple rounds of recruitment and onboarding. When employee turnover rates threaten to define our culture, we experience additional waves of staff and resident departures.

Mike Rodis will explain the cutting edge tech tools and strategies Sunrise has implemented that are measurably increasing retention of all frontline workers and caregivers.

This webinar includes a review of data demonstrating measurable impact, costs, and ROI of different efforts, as well as an explanation of the multi-step process to decide upon and roll-out these initiatives.