Predict Staff Retention Nine Months From Now

The future of the workforce is here – with Arena Analytics

Applying predictive analytics to hire is changing the game – helping employers make better hiring decisions resulting in greater retention.

Arena Analytics empowers you with the right insights to find the right person for every position. Not the person who looks best on paper or beats the behavioral assessment, but the one who will still be on your team in three months, six months, or three years.

Predicting fit and increasing retention. With confidence.

  • Purposely built for high-turnover industries
    • Predict with confidence who will thrive in what role, across all departments and locations.
  • Built-in bias reduction
    • Use advanced data science to eliminate bias, rather than perpetuate it.
  • Complete solution for HR and Operations
    • Drive outcomes fast, with zero tax on your IT systems.

“In just the first four months, 90-day turnover was reduced by 37%.”

Florence Chang | EVP & COO

Learn how Arena Analytics helps you predict staff performance

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  • Reduce turnover
  • Hire more efficiently
  • Lower labor costs