Arena’s TALENT DISCOVERY Connects the Newly Unemployed to Essential Jobs in Healthcare

In countering the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, senior living and long-term care sites desperately need more people to work at the front lines. In addition to the credentialed RN/MD/tech roles, there are non-certificated jobs that play critical roles in caring for the sick and vulnerable.  Finding effective candidates for these roles has always been a challenge, even in the best of times.

As people lose their jobs in sectors of the economy such as hospitality, food service, et al, they may benefit from healthcare systems that can offer a variety of positions today – and maybe even fulfilling careers for tomorrow.  

This collision course of supply and demand is fraught with peril. Healthcare and senior care providers are overwhelmed fighting the pandemic and have limited resources available to select, hire, and onboard/train new employees. There is an urgent need to efficiently and effectively match applicants to roles where they will be retained and succeed.  

Expanding the talent pool with candidates likely to succeed and be retained

To support both the workers and the healthcare operators in effectively matching candidates to specific jobs, Arena is offering its data science insights that predict candidate success and retention pre-hire.  

From now through September 30, employers in the healthcare sector and candidates formerly employed in different industries can benefit from Arena’s predictive analytics technology. 

Candidates can enter the Arena platform through this portal, and employers can sign up to receive candidate matches at this link.

What is frontline healthcare work?

Frontline health care workers provide
routine and essential services in all settings,
including hospitals, outpatient care,
behavioral health, long term care and home
health care. They represent 50% of the
health care workforce and are responsible for
a range of operations, including providing
administrative, direct care, environmental,
and technical services to patients, families,
and caregivers.

CareerSTAT Guide to Investing in Frontline Health Care Workers

These are very difficult times and we at Arena are committed to doing whatever we can to help people at the frontlines of healthcare, as well as all those who are struggling in light of the current crisis.