Client facilities

Mount Sinai, Sunrise Senior Living, HCR ManorCare and University of Maryland Medical System.

Reduction in turnover

We’ve successfully reduced employee turnover by a median of 38% across every job category.

Success rate

Every one of Arena Analytic’s hundreds of clients have seen an improvement in employee turnover.

Lisa Schafer, RN, MSN, EVP, COO/CNO (Regional One Health)
“Arena helped reduce 90-day turnover by 39% in the first 6 months; by one year, turnover was down 22%, this helped us reduce agency labor costs by $5.4 million.”
Florence Chang, EVP & COO (Multicare Health System)
“In just the first four months after rollout, 90-day turnover was reduced by 36.5%… This level of performance has generated an estimated $1.9 million annual net cash savings.”

Jane Maksoud, SVP & CHRO (Mount Sinai Health System)
“After two years of working together, we’re proud to report we’ve reduced 90-day turnover by 77.6%, 180-day by 34.3%, and 360-day by 25.7%.”

Mike Rodis, SVP, HR (Sunrise Senior Living)
“Arena helped us improve 90-day employee retention by 27%… Our one-year retention rate improved by 14%.”

Eric Brown, Sr. HR Director (Adventist HealthCare)
“Our managers get better candidates, my department wastes less time… and I have happier recruiters…”
Amanda Cottrell, Integrations Specialist (ICIMS)
“It’s been a pleasure working with each and every one of you [Arena] throughout this project… if only all partners were as thorough, quick and responsive as you all are!”
Kevin Dull, Chief People Officer (Multicare Health System)
“Arena is helping us put the right person in the right unit…that translates to higher patient satisfaction and the ability to achieve our quality goals.”

Building momentum

Since beginning to scale in 2016, Arena Analytics has rapidly expanded across the country into over 850 healthcare facilities, ranging from acute care hospitals to long-term care facilities and academic medical centers.

Arena annually processes millions of job applications, with clients including Mount Sinai Health System, Sunrise Senior Living, Regional One Health, HCR ManorCare, RWJ Barnabas Health, and Benchmark Senior Living.


Whenever Arena Analytic’s deployments have been tested for EEOC and OFCCP purposes, Arena’s clients have never failed the four-fifths threshold for any protected class.

This fact is important for more than compliance—it is evidence that Arena Analytics is removing bias from the hiring process. As a result, Arena enables you to create a higher performing organizations with lower employee turnover and more diverse workforces.