From Hospitality…to Hospitals

We are on the cusp of an unprecedented need for dedicated healthcare workers. The pending escalation in COVID-19 patients is projected to mostly include our vulnerable seniors and the heroic healthcare workers who currently care for them.

In an effort to ‘flatten the curve‘ of the contagious coronavirus, people across the globe are ceasing most hospitality-related purchases. They are cancelling travel — for work and pleasure. Restaurants and performance spaces increasingly resemble ghost towns.

Not surprisingly, we have already begun to experience waves of lay-offs across these sectors of the economy.

Arena is stepping into this space, applying its data insights to match workers who may find themselves out-of-a-job in hospitality, but likely-to-succeed at a job in healthcare.

Candidate Sourcing Service

In light of this looming crisis, Arena announces plans to offer Talent Discovery as a complimentary sourcing service to providers in the senior living and skilled nursing sectors.  From this spring through December 15, interested clients can opt to receive effective candidates who are not currently documented in their existing applicant pools — applicants we have ‘sourced’ from the hospitality sector and from partnerships with organizations including Onward, SkillUp, Goodwill and others. 

Talent Discovery combines our premiere predictive analytics service of identifying job candidates who are most likely to achieve desired outcomes — specific to role and community — with our access to various employee and applicant pools outside of our healthcare clients. 

For organizations who are not yet Arena clients, full platform services would be needed to generate predictions on all applicants. However, the candidates sent by Arena would be predicted for success.

We recognize that organizations caring for at-risk residents struggle to find a sufficient number of exceptional caregivers who will be retained. We are, therefore, happy to support our operators and caregivers by helping break down this limitation at no cost while we are in this critical time period.

Interested candidates can sign up here to be matched at jobs where they will thrive.

Interested providers can sign up here to receive Arena recommended job applicants.