What is Arena’s Talent Discovery?

What is Talent Discovery?

  • Arena‚Äôs recruitment service + data analytics: expands the talent pool for organizations with candidates predicted for success and retention.
  • We are partnering with the hospitality sector, restaurant sector, and other talent pools to match committed and skilled workers to (primarily) non-certified roles.

What exactly is Arena offering to providers at this time?

  • From now through December 31, 2020, Arena can provide candidates who we predict for success in specific roles and locations in your organization.
  • These candidates will be delivered as applicants to open positions inside your organization.

What must my organization do in order to receive these candidates?

  • No action is needed by Hiring Managers/Recruiters – our candidates will appear as applicants to open requisitions
  • At least one leader (CEO/CFO/COO/CHRO), is required to sign off on this no-cost agreement and receive impact reports from Arena
  • A designated HRIS point of contact is required to (virtually) attend a <1 hour kick-off meeting with Arena in order to establish the process for monthly delivery of hire/term reports, and to hand off historical hire/term data
  • An ATS login is required by Arena:
    • to support automatic data collection that strengthens organization-specific algorithms
    • to enable Arena to gather data from all applicants for relevant open requisitions

How does Arena know whether candidates are predicted for success at a specific role in my organization?

  • We gather data from millions of applicants, across our client base. Analyzing this data, we determine which candidates — even those with little to no relevant experience — are likely to thrive and be retained in frontline healthcare roles. We are now leveraging these insights and applying them to pools of candidates from the hospitality sector, restaurant sector, local departments of labor and other talent pools in order to match them to open positions at healthcare sites.
  • The data we collect from your applicants informs our algorithms and allows us to customize predictions for your sites/roles
  • The hire/term reports you will share with us moving forward ensure machine learning hones algorithms and improves predictions for your sites/roles

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