We’re Sending Care Packages to Front Line Healthcare workers, care to join us?

As we watch the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases rise around us, we at Arena are concerned about so much… health… economy… hospital capacity… ventilator volume… and the healthcare workers who are risking their lives to take care of us.

We’ve asked the exhausted — or very-soon-to-be-exhausted — healthcare workers, ‘What can we do to help you in these difficult times?’ And they said they’d love to receive pizza, cookies, treats for those busy shifts when they have not even a moment to eat a real meal.

That’s when we thought about the Girl Scouts.

Yes, the Girl Scouts. These troops of future leaders (now age 5-11) have had to cancel all their spring sales. Boxes of cookies stand at the ready, stacked in their homes, just waiting to be purchased…and donated to our hungry, heroic healthcare workers.

Healthcare Workers + Girl Scout Cookies = Gratitude

We called regional Girl Scout offices around the country, but only one was still open. The Heart of the South in Memphis, TN, not only took our cookie order, they delivered it to the folks at Regional One for us!

With offices closed, we turned to social media. After just a few Facebook posts, we were overwhelmed by all the mom troop leaders who responded to sell and donate hundreds of boxes to the cause. And people with no connection to the Girl Scouts offered donations to subsidize the care packages, too. We’re currently still shipping and hand delivering boxes of Girl Scout cookies around the country.

But there are too many nursing homes and hospitals across the country for us to reach. And we know they’d be happy to receive a care package from the troops. So we’re turning to you to ask – do you want to join us? We can help you find a local girl scout troop and can connect you to a contact at a healthcare system near you.

“Please do not just send off a box or drop one on the doorstep of a hospital or clinic or nursing home. That could cause more of a burden than you realize.”

Executive Nursing Officer

We are grateful to you, healthcare workers of America. Thank you for all you do to keep us healthy in these uncertain times.

Feel free to contact us to start a cookie-drive and care-package-delivery near you.